Wootton Golf Society




Wootton Golf Society raise money every year for a local charity, this money is raised through fining its members for various indiscretions on and around the golf course and in the clubhouse. This year they have raised £750 for Bella Luckett from St. Neots. Belle has Cerebral Palsy and until May this year could not stand, walk or sit unaided. Treatment for Bella was not available on the NHS, so her parents Gary and Natalie raised over £50,000 for the operation to be carried out.

The operation was carried out at Great Ormond Street in May and was a great success, Bella can now sit unaided and is now learning to walk at the age of 7. Bella can walk with crutches and has to wear splints on her lower legs for strength. She is due to have a further operation on one of her ankles.

Although Bella is improving, she needs constant physiotherapy at home and twice a month she travels to Wales for specialist physiotherapy all at the cost to the family. Bella has a special treadmill at home as well as other equipment which she constantly uses to gain her strength.

The money raised will go towards her specialist equipment and to assist costs for her ongoing physiotherapy.